Students enrolled in an Engineering degree program have three members on their Advising Team: a Pre-Major/Major Advisor, a Senior Academic Advisor, and an Advising Dean. The Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Computer Science departments have additional advising staff members within their departments.

Faculty and parents/guardians should contact Dean Jennifer Stephan. Graduate students should consult with their faculty advisor, graduate program director, or the graduate dean's office.

Key Resources

Pre-Major/Major Advisor

Pre-Major/Major Advisors can help all students with:

  • Course planning
  • Registration
  • Academic guidance
  • Finding campus resources

New Engineering students are assigned a Pre-Major Advisor prior to matriculation. Pre-Major Advisors meet students during Orientation and provide ongoing support until students declare a major. When a major is declared, Engineering students are assigned a Major Advisor who is a full-time faculty member from the declared department. Engineering students must declare a major and secure a Major Advisor by February 15th of their first year. 

If you don't know your Advisor, log in to SIS and look under "Academics" on your homepage. You'll find their name and a link to email them directly.

    Senior Academic Advisors

    Your Senior Academic Advisor is the first point of contact for first-year and sophomore students who have technical questions about requirements or who want to discuss broader issues of transitioning to college.

    Your Senior Academic Advisor can help first-year and sophomore students with:

    • Resources for first- and second-year students
    • Course exploration
    • Campus life questions
    • Major exploration
    • University resource and co-curricular opportunities
    • Internal transfers from the School of Arts and Sciences to the School of Engineering

    John Gearin

    John Gearin

    Senior Academic Advisor, School of Engineering

    • First-Year Engineers with surnames A–M
    • Sophomore Engineers with surnames A–M
    • First-Year Arts and Sciences to Engineering Internal Transfers with surnames A–M
    • Appointments are held via Zoom or in person

    Email Book an Appointment

    Tara Zantow

    Tara Zantow

    Senior Academic Advisor, School of Engineering

    • First-Year and Sophomore Engineers with surnames N-Z
    • First-Year Arts and Sciences to Engineering Internal Transfers with surnames N-Z
    • Sophomore Arts and Sciences to Engineering Internal Transfers with surnames N-Z
    • Appointments are held via Zoom

    Email Tara​​ Book an Appointment with Tara


    John O'Keefe

    Senior Academic Advisor for Student Success, School of Engineering

    • Partners with Dean Stephan in supporting Engineers with surnames A-Z
    • Helps with academic planning, difficulty, and strategies for student success
    • Appointments on Zoom or in person

    Email John Book an Appointment with John

      Advising Deans

      The Advising Dean (also known as an alpha dean) is the first point of contact for faculty and parents who are concerned about a student’s academics.

      Your Advising Dean can help all students with:

      • Everything your Senior Academic Advisor can help with
      • Academic difficulty
      • Extended absences/leaves
      • Policies related to curriculum and graduation requirements
      • Graduation progress

      Jennifer Stephan

      Jennifer Stephan

      Dean of Academic Advising & Undergraduate Studies (alpha dean)

      • School of Engineering
      • Last Names A to Z
      • By default, appointments are held on Zoom. Dean Stephan will contact you if she will be on campus for your appointment, should you wish to meet in person.

      As Dean of Academic Advising and Undergraduate Studies for the School of Engineering, Jennifer Stephan advises all undergraduate students in the School of Engineering. Dean Stephan is also a resource for all ROTC students in all schools. Learn more information on Tufts ROTC Support.

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      Department-Based Advising Staff

      Students pursuing Mechanical Engineering (BSME), Human Factors Engineering (BSHFE), Electrical Engineering (BSEE), Computer Engineering (BSCPE), Engineering Physics (BSEP), Computer Science (BSCS), and Data Science (BSDS) students have staff members within their departments who can assist with advising:


      Megan Monaghan

      Academic Advisor for BSEE, BSCPE, BSEP, BSCS, and BSDS

      • Appointments are held in Halligan Hall, Room 228E

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      Statue of Tufts elephant mascot Jumbo on a sunny day on Medford campus

      Matthew Finch

      Academic Advisor for BSME, BSHFE, and all graduate students within the Department of Mechanical Engineering

      • Appointments are held in Robinson Hall, Room 156

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      Graduate Advising

      Graduate students should consult with their faculty advisor, graduate program director, or the graduate dean's office.